Friday, 31 March 2017

Robbie Rakete

On Thursday Robbie Rakete came to our school. He came to our school because he is our school role modal. He was very when he was telling us about his and how he doesn't clean his room at home. He also told us about what he does at work and how he was called by one of the wiggles because they wanted him to sine at their censored in New Zealand. Then the next day he called to go to Australia because the wiggles wanted him to hear their song about New Zealand it was not good. So Robbie Rakete had to write a song for them to sing the next time they come to New Zealand. Astersix was his favorite book when he was ten.

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Sneaky snake snared at Auckland Airport

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A live snake was caught on the tarmac at Auckland Airport on Sunday after hitching a ride on a private jet. MPI say they suspect the snake is a brown tree snake which isn't considered harmful to humans but could "severely harm" New Zealand's native bird population. They say that the snake was taken before the person had gotten on broad. The Bio security people are trying to keep snakes away from New Zealand so that we don't have a population of snakes. This is very bad because the people that are st the airport can get badly heart. This is the first time that someone from over sea has done this. The plan was from Brisbane and was their for six weeks and that is good time to snick a snake into the plan.

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Indian business owners planning to arm themselves

Indian business owners says shopkeepers should consider holding firearms behind the counter in the face of a spate of dairy robberies. This is very good because it will keep them safe, but it is also bad at the same time because someone might get very heart from getting beaten from a stick or something the Shop Keepers has. The Auckland Indian Association says that the young people have no fear of police or the consequences if they're caught by the police. Their are lots of people doing these things and the Shop Keepers have told news hub about these thing happening. They say that it has happened for three to four time a week and they say that they want all of this to stop. I think that these people that are doing these kind of thing should perhaps they should see what it makes their family feel like.

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Polyfest Dazzles With Amazing Cultural Showcase

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New Zealand is home to over 200 different ethnic groups. It was represented at the ASB Polyfest that was on Friday and Saturday. The group did an amazing cultural dace for the people that went to them preform. Also Polyfest is one of the most best day for all the Maori and Pacific Island people to preform at a festival. The first Polyfest was in 1976 and only four school went to preform. This year, over 9000 students will perform, showcasing the best from Maori, Samoan, Tongan, Cook Island, Filipino, Sri Lankan and Niue cultures. It is five dollars to be able to go in and see their  cultures preforming and represent their schools.

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Firefighters battle Auckland flames overnight

Their is house and a car that had gone on fire and that was in Massey. The firefighters started to look around 1:30am on Tuesday and they are still trying to put down the fire. The fire was described as well ablaze, requiring five fire crews to battle the blaze initially, with one crew staying overnight. A fire spokesperson says the first calls that came in said that it was a carport on fire, so she thinks a car may have been inside the carport. Also there was two fire crews that also battled a garage fire in on Hywel Place in Manurewa.

Dead killer whale washes up in Auckland

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A killer whale has been washed up on a West Auckland beach and they say the people that was around their where this happened. The the killer whale must been hit by a boat that was on top of  it when it was swimming. Also the men that was their knew that it was an adult and is a male. The killer whale was found on Whatipu Beach and their was lots of blood all over the killer whale.  The beach has been reported to the Department of Conservation (DOC) which asked permission from local kiwi's. So the men can go and start a look out for what had killed this killer Whale or how it got washed up on the beach of Whatipu. They will start looking on Tuesday for what had happen.

Monday, 13 March 2017

We've got to plan for a more resilient Auckland

Phil Goff says that we need to look into why the region's dams silted in an "unprecedented" way, threatening the drinking water supply in New Zealand's largest city. Also the rain has made some floods around Auckland. So that has made the rangers water go dirty because the mud that was around it has gone down into the water. Because the rangers give to Auckland is now dirty they can only give us a little bit of water. If the water that they give us is dirty then you must heat your water before drinking. So we need to look after our water because we might not get anymore from the rangers. the floods have also made the water that came from the rain go into peoples homes. So now their homes are wet and their things are too. 
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