Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Rainbows End Night Rides

On Saturday night me and my siblings went to Rainbows End. We arrived at 6:00pm, it was still morning when we first arrived there. The theme of our clothes were black and white, I was filled with excitement, and it was my first time going to Rainbows End. Me and my sisters rode ten rides in 5 hours, do you think that is even possible. Well I think so and it was very enjoyable for all of us.  When it was getting late we got ready to go one last ride and it was the stratosfear. I felt butterflies in my tummy and my legs were shaking. So when the man called us to come in and take a seat, I couldn't really feel butterflies in my tummy anymore. Then I was fill with confident and boy was to scary when we went upside down, it was like I was off my seat. So when my sisters went again I took a video of them screaming as if they were going to fall off. The rides that we went on was Corkscrew Coaster, Scorpion Karts, Family Karts, Log Flume, Invader, Power Surge, Bumper Boats, Fearfall, Gold Rush, Motion Master. Those are the ten rides that we went on. 

Thursday, 9 November 2017

Room 12 Manaiakalani 2017 Film

Yesterday we went to Sylvia Park to present our schools film. Our film was based on rugby values, we were very good at presenting our school. Me and Vaimoana were presenters from Ruapotaka school. We had to present our movie in three different sessions. It was very hard to get to the other sessions because we didn't really know where we were suppose to go. So we ran the whole time till Vaimoana found where we had to present. We were 5th to go up and present in the first session, and in the 2nd session we were 5th up. So the last we were 8th one that we presented in was for Tamaki college. It was a busy day for us and me and Vaimoana were very happy when it was time to go back to school. I gave five autographs and eight photographs to people that I knew.

Friday, 3 November 2017

My Trip To Australia During The Holidays

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In the two week holidays I jumped on a plain and went to Australia. At first I was surprised because it was my second time going to Australia. I was filled with excitement and I felt emotional, because that would mean that I wasn't going to spend a lot of time in New Zealand for the holidays. The city that I arrived in was Sydney. My mum called my Aunty to come and pick us up. As soon as I saw my cousin I burst into tears. I haven't seen him in two years, also my family always say that we looked a like so they called us the cousin twins. I have no idea what that meant but I just went with it. So when we drove to my Auntie's house a kangaroo jumped in front of the car. I was surprised but then I got use to it because it happens sometimes. When I walked into the house I felt so hot because it was 45 degrees. We enjoy our meal and then me and my cousin stay up all night so that we can sneak back into the kitchen, and eat the leftover K.F.C. that was covered on the table. We stayed in Australia for two weeks, and then we came back to New Zealand. 

Thursday, 14 September 2017

Call to change New Zealand national bird

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A seabird conservation group is calling for a bird that can actually fly to replace the kiwi as the country’s national symbol. Its co-founder Chris Gaskin is throwing his support behind the Buller’s shearwater, also known as the rako, to be the new national trademark. Having a seabird as a national bird is far more representative of who we are and that is what makes us New Zealanders. Many New Zealanders feel a connection to the word kiwi and that would be hard to change. I think that we should still go by the name of a kiwi, also that is what we are known for all around the world.

Monday, 4 September 2017


Today we ran down Tripoli Road and through Hinaki and then up Torino. I had a good ran when we were doing our daily fitness routine. But I also ran with my friends and I ran mostly with Mary. She always encourages me to keep on going and to never stop. So I kept running and then she past me and I then had to run by myself. I did a lot of running and I swaeted a lot, I also kept running even though Mary wasn't there to tell me to keep running. When it was the last round I ran my hardest and I made it before the fittest boys in my classroom and that was Min Zin and Tamote Jnr. In the end I had a lot of fun and I did well on my own.

Thursday, 31 August 2017

Government's $3m plan to save critically endangered sea lions

Their are people in New Zealand, that can give in money so that they can save the endangered sea lions. The sea lions live in New Zealand and they are endangered because their are not that many sea lions that live in New Zealand. Their's about 12,000 sea lions that are remaining in New Zealand. Nearly all of them breed on Campbell and Auckland islands, and there are small populations on the lower South Island and Stewart Island. Also the Government ministers say that this plan will go on for about five years. I think that this is very good because they are helping the sea lions of New Zealand.

🐶Wow, you're lost!': Invercargill farmer rescues stranded seal pup from paddock🐶

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One day there was this farmer that went out to his paddocks on Monday morning. He went to see if there were any baby lambs but he found a baby seal pup instead. He was then startled and he tried to look after it and keep it safe. When Dee Knapp first saw the little seal pup, he thought that it was a bird that had broken it's wing. After he reported the stranded sea pup to the newshub people, and he told them "Wow, mate, your lost." Then he told newhub that, he had never come across it before. Also there was no mum to been seen and with the sea around 10km away. Mr Knapp said that he thinks that the baby seal has been travelling for days. He then did some research and he picked it up in a blanket. He also feed it some fish and after it had a little rest he went and set it free in the water. Mr knapp could have faced 250,000  fine for picking up the baby seal. But his heart was in the right place and he did the right thing. He also knew that if he had left it out there on it's own it could have not saved. With all thoughts dogs and other animals out there.

Daily Fitness Routine

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Every week I come to school and do our daily fitness routine. Also every time when we do fitness, I don't really run that much because I get tired and then slow down. But today I came to school really happy and ready to do fitness. I think that it was because of what I drink today before I came to school, and I think that it was the fizzy drink that I dank. I had so much energy that I did not stop when I was running in fitness. Also as I was running I told myself to keep it up. But then I felt a little tired and I did not give up I kept running. When I slow down I get told to run which is a good thing because if I walk I would then have to run again. But I run till the end of our fitness and I achieved a lot when I was running. After fitness I set a goal and that goal is to lose some weight. I think that I might even lose some weight and do fitness more often. Also I will strive to achieve my goal by the end of the year.

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Designing Glass In Tamaki College

Today we had a rotation in tech, also we were bit worried about what we were going to do. At first I didn't want to participate in what we were doing. But then I thought to myself that it might be fun to do. Mr Grandy was very nice and told us the rules about his class and how it is. After that we had to go and get our stoles so that we can set around in a circle. I was interested in what he was talking about and he showed us how we use the tools in the class. We then were told to go to a table and then we had to draw twelve designs so that we can carry on with our work. I finished my work and then I was about to start but then we had to pack up and go back to school. We had a fun time in our new class for teah because we are doing glass designs. 

Wednesday, 16 August 2017


It was August the 15th 2017, and we were ready and excited to go and participate in an activity that is called orienteering. Our teacher is Mr Leon, also I think of him as a choke for our class. The thing that I like about orienteering is that we have a lot of fun when we are doing it. It was also a surprise that my best friend came first. It was a surprise because she wasn't here when we were doing our training and she didn't even know the symbols. We also had to face our map to north so that we don't get lots and panic or stress out. I was the fifth student in the class to finish, it was very fun on that particular day. I think that we will have a very great team that is very athletic.

Friday, 28 July 2017

🎶School Assembly For Pasifika Study🎶

Today we had a school assembly and we had to sing a song that we have been learning from term 2. We sang How far i'll go and that song was from the movie Moana. I think that we performed well, also the boys were on point with there singing. I also think that we have achieved our goal of singing it right without the words. This school assembly was for our inquiry learning topic. Room 1, 5, 6, 7 , 9,and 10 put a lot of effect into there performance. Also room 1 did a sa sa and they were a bit shy to do their performance. Then after them Room 5 sang le aute le aute. Also Room 6 performed a cat walk and they had nice looking clothing. Second of all Room 7 did well with there dancing and they were a bit to confidence. Lastly it was Room 9 and they were singing little biddy on a tree, they were also very good. But then Room 10 sang a very coming song and that song was E Otua. E Otua is a Tongan song and I like listing to it sometimes but not all the time. I also think that today every body did there best and that they have a lot of courage.

Monday, 24 July 2017

🌺School Assembly For Term 3🌺

Today had a School Assembly For Term 3. We were asked if their was anyone that read in the weekended. I stood up because I read lot of books the books that I read was Wings of fire, Geronimo Stilton, Vampire knight. Also we were then told to blog about it so I am blogging about the books that I read. The holidays are done and we are back to school ready to learn more about work things. I think that it will be very fun to learn more about new things that I didn't know about. Reading is very good for everyone and it is also important because it can help me with my learning. I also read more then ten books in the holidays. I think that if everyone reads they would then have an opportunity to learn more about the book that you read. Mrs Vickers had some cough been good books and she gave it out to the students that have been good this whole day. Also Mrs Golder chose two students from our class and it was Tyron and Tupouseini.

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

All Blacks Beat Lions In First Test

Last week on Saturday the All Blacks won agents the Lions. Also the All Blacks had the first try.Then the points was 30-15 and it was a relay good game. They both played well and they both had the strength to play as a team. The was in Auckland and it was relay full because their was a lot of people there. Also Auckland after a dominating second half, which included two tries from winger Rieko Ioane. They now have a one-nil lead in the three-Test series. I think that the game was very fun to watch, and it was very good that I watched it with my family.

Monday, 19 June 2017

Theft of Māori paintings stuns descendant

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In the week two of the most important paintings were stolen. So The whereabouts of the two valuable works remain a mystery as police continue to investigate the crime. They say that they are still look for the person that did this and they will be put in prison. The paintings that were stolen was relatives of Chief Hori Ngatai, a distinguished warrior who helped defeat the British at Gate Pa in the 1800. This is very sad because the people that need this is doing something bad and the family.

Opinion: It's time for the Government to pay for our conservation future

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The people of New Zealand are endangering the government to help the wildlife. Their are birds that are going to die because theirs not that meany food for them to eat now. Also in the forest the birds that have we have are about Four out Ten. While it has some worthy actions it isn't supported with the funding DoC. They need to help by protecting all the native birds that are getting extinct.

Dallas Fisher: 'Hamilton's very experienced at running large events'

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Their is this new event happening in Wellington. Also it started from Hamilton then it went all the way down to Wellington. Another thing is that Hamilton is going to be the host for the Rugby Sevens tournament for the next two years. After clinching the event off long-standing host city Wellington. 

What to do when your child is the bully

Related imageTheir are many parents that live in denial and their child would be capable of bullying. Chances are your child will play a role in making another child feel miserable. Most of the time when kids do bullying, it’s because their child is unhappy about something that they don't have but other's do. Sometimes they've got low self-esteem and maybe they just don't have strategies that other kids have. I think that bully's should think of they would feel if someone did it to them. They would not like that at all and they will then feel the pane that other people feel when they do it to others.

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Tapa Making

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In Room 12 we had a topic that was based on Tapa making. Everyone in Room 12 did writing about Tapa, and there were lots of things that I didn't know about Tapa. For example how they make it and how there is patterns on it. My favorite part about making the Tapa is when they put on the patterns that they chose. I did my own tapa making on a google doc and I finished my writing on the second week. I got some help from my classmates that I play with at school. My best friend Vaimoana came to school with a tapa that they had at home. It was really fun and good that I did writing about tapa making because I didn't know that much about it. That day that we started our writing about tapa making it was the most nervous day of my life because of the amount of knowledge that I know about tapas.

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Monster Rat Found in London Playground.

monster rat
This monster rat was found in the London popular  playground where lots of people and their children go. The weigh of this rat was about 11kgs and it is the biggest rat that I've seen in my life. They could find these in the streets of the UK in the city's where the  popular playground. The name of this man is called Gas and he was a engineer.


Thursday, 8 June 2017

Joseph Parker

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Joseph Parker's promoters have hit a snag with their attempts to get taxpayer support to stage a world title boxing fight. The Government says the fund used for such events is itself short of money. Parker and Sir Bob Jones used to throw around a few friendly punches. But now the gloves are off. Sir Bob thinks Parker's upcoming heavyweight world title fight is a farce. Oh crap it 'put us on the map and says Sir Bob. "Let me tell you, this year there's been numerous world heavyweight title fights. Is Chechnya on the map because they conducted one.

On Sunday.

On Sunday at 1:00p.m. me and my family are going to church. We will have people that will be singing to us and then we are going to our class to learn more about when Jesus Christ was on the earth.After our class we will be going back home so that we can have a feed. After the feed we are going to the temple at 8:30p.m. to see the lights and we will go and walk around the temple. Then after the temple lights we are going to my cousins house for a sleep over it is going to be fun.

Thursday, 1 June 2017

🥛🥛National Milk Day🥛🥛

Today it was National Milk Day and we took some photos so that we can post it on our blog. The National Milk Day has been going on from when it was 2001 - 2017. This is celebrated because milk is very important to people because they need it. Also milk is good for your health and it was established by the Food and Agriculture Organization. I think that we are lucky that we get milk from the farms in New Zealand.

Thursday, 25 May 2017

Wednesday's Chocolate Truffles


Last week on Wednesday the year 8 students went to Tamaki Collage for a baking class. We made chocolate Truffles and we had fun making it because we were put into groups. My partner was my best friend Vaimonana and she is very good at baking. The first step was to get all of our ingredients and then we waited until we were told to start. When we started we went up to the table and got the things that we needed. The ingredients that we had was condensed milk, mashed up Oreo's, coconut, and melted chocolate. So the first thing that we did was mash the oreo's. Then we put the coconut in and mix with the oreo's. Also as we were mixing it altogether we slowly put in the condensed milk. Then when we finished we made normal size balls. Then we put it into the fridge to cool down and when it was done we took  it back to school.  

Thursday, 18 May 2017

Blueberry Muffins At Tamaki Collage

On Wednesday the year 8 students went to Tamaki Collage for baking class. We got to learn how to make a blueberry muffin. It was fun making it because we got to do it our self's. But we had all of the ingredients with us so that we can star baking. When we got started we went to get our ingredients and then we got started. The ingredients that we had was flour/ milk/ egg/ sugar/ slot/ oil/ yo get. Also we had to the measurements before we put it altogether. To star with we did the dry ingredients which is 2 cups of flour, half a cup of sugar the we mix the flour with the sugar. After that we then got the wet ingredients ready and it had 1 cup of milk, and half a cup of oil. Then we mixed all of it together and we added the yo get, and it made this nice and yummy mixer. After that we put it into the muffin tray, and when it came out of the oven it was nice to eat.

Friday, 12 May 2017

Kate Rodger reviews Alien: Covenant

Their is a new movie that had been released this year. It had been almost 40 years scenes Ridley Scott released an Alien movie. Also people are saying that he is gone at it again. The movie is coming out this week and they hope that it thrills the audiences and the predecessors. The stars of the movie got interview at the red car pit, and their fans answers answered. The editor Kate Rodger spoke to Duncan Garner. I think that the movie will be a good movie for those that like alien movies. I also think that their fans will be very happy that they did a movie like this for them.