Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Tapa Making

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In Room 12 we had a topic that was based on Tapa making. Everyone in Room 12 did writing about Tapa, and there were lots of things that I didn't know about Tapa. For example how they make it and how there is patterns on it. My favorite part about making the Tapa is when they put on the patterns that they chose. I did my own tapa making on a google doc and I finished my writing on the second week. I got some help from my classmates that I play with at school. My best friend Vaimoana came to school with a tapa that they had at home. It was really fun and good that I did writing about tapa making because I didn't know that much about it. That day that we started our writing about tapa making it was the most nervous day of my life because of the amount of knowledge that I know about tapas.

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