Thursday, 31 August 2017

Government's $3m plan to save critically endangered sea lions

Their are people in New Zealand, that can give in money so that they can save the endangered sea lions. The sea lions live in New Zealand and they are endangered because their are not that many sea lions that live in New Zealand. Their's about 12,000 sea lions that are remaining in New Zealand. Nearly all of them breed on Campbell and Auckland islands, and there are small populations on the lower South Island and Stewart Island. Also the Government ministers say that this plan will go on for about five years. I think that this is very good because they are helping the sea lions of New Zealand.

🐶Wow, you're lost!': Invercargill farmer rescues stranded seal pup from paddock🐶

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One day there was this farmer that went out to his paddocks on Monday morning. He went to see if there were any baby lambs but he found a baby seal pup instead. He was then startled and he tried to look after it and keep it safe. When Dee Knapp first saw the little seal pup, he thought that it was a bird that had broken it's wing. After he reported the stranded sea pup to the newshub people, and he told them "Wow, mate, your lost." Then he told newhub that, he had never come across it before. Also there was no mum to been seen and with the sea around 10km away. Mr Knapp said that he thinks that the baby seal has been travelling for days. He then did some research and he picked it up in a blanket. He also feed it some fish and after it had a little rest he went and set it free in the water. Mr knapp could have faced 250,000  fine for picking up the baby seal. But his heart was in the right place and he did the right thing. He also knew that if he had left it out there on it's own it could have not saved. With all thoughts dogs and other animals out there.

Daily Fitness Routine

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Every week I come to school and do our daily fitness routine. Also every time when we do fitness, I don't really run that much because I get tired and then slow down. But today I came to school really happy and ready to do fitness. I think that it was because of what I drink today before I came to school, and I think that it was the fizzy drink that I dank. I had so much energy that I did not stop when I was running in fitness. Also as I was running I told myself to keep it up. But then I felt a little tired and I did not give up I kept running. When I slow down I get told to run which is a good thing because if I walk I would then have to run again. But I run till the end of our fitness and I achieved a lot when I was running. After fitness I set a goal and that goal is to lose some weight. I think that I might even lose some weight and do fitness more often. Also I will strive to achieve my goal by the end of the year.

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Designing Glass In Tamaki College

Today we had a rotation in tech, also we were bit worried about what we were going to do. At first I didn't want to participate in what we were doing. But then I thought to myself that it might be fun to do. Mr Grandy was very nice and told us the rules about his class and how it is. After that we had to go and get our stoles so that we can set around in a circle. I was interested in what he was talking about and he showed us how we use the tools in the class. We then were told to go to a table and then we had to draw twelve designs so that we can carry on with our work. I finished my work and then I was about to start but then we had to pack up and go back to school. We had a fun time in our new class for teah because we are doing glass designs. 

Wednesday, 16 August 2017


It was August the 15th 2017, and we were ready and excited to go and participate in an activity that is called orienteering. Our teacher is Mr Leon, also I think of him as a choke for our class. The thing that I like about orienteering is that we have a lot of fun when we are doing it. It was also a surprise that my best friend came first. It was a surprise because she wasn't here when we were doing our training and she didn't even know the symbols. We also had to face our map to north so that we don't get lots and panic or stress out. I was the fifth student in the class to finish, it was very fun on that particular day. I think that we will have a very great team that is very athletic.