Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Designing Glass In Tamaki College

Today we had a rotation in tech, also we were bit worried about what we were going to do. At first I didn't want to participate in what we were doing. But then I thought to myself that it might be fun to do. Mr Grandy was very nice and told us the rules about his class and how it is. After that we had to go and get our stoles so that we can set around in a circle. I was interested in what he was talking about and he showed us how we use the tools in the class. We then were told to go to a table and then we had to draw twelve designs so that we can carry on with our work. I finished my work and then I was about to start but then we had to pack up and go back to school. We had a fun time in our new class for teah because we are doing glass designs. 

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