Monday, 29 October 2018

Macaroni and Cheese

Today, Ariettah and I cooked macaroni and cheese. 
  1. Pre-heat the oven to 180 degs. Heat the butter until melted then add the flour and cook for 2 minutes until golden and sandy in texture
  2. Gradually add the hot milk stirring until smooth.
  3. Stir in in the cooked macaroni, 1 cup of the grated cheese and ham and spoon into an oven proof baking dish.
I really enjoyed  today it was good to experience cooking something different.

Thursday, 25 October 2018

Mince Pie With Kalo

Today I made mince pie and it looks delicious also I could have done it with out my partner Kalo. we made some mistakes but at the end we did well with our mince pie. Also it was a good experience for me today. These were the ingredients that we used today to make our mince pie.

Mince Pie
Dice the onion and fry until it's soft.
Add the mince and fry until it's cooked.
Add mix veges and 1/2c of water with mixed pepper, 
veges stock and spices

Thursday, 18 October 2018

Chocolate Muffins

Today we made chocolate muffins and it was a good experience for me. So we had to get into buddies and then we can start making our chocolate muffins. So before we did anything we put on our aprons and washed out hands. 

Chocolate Muffin
1 - 2 cup of self raising flour
2 - 1 cup of oil
4 - 1 cup of milk
5 - 1 egg
6 - 1/4 cup of cocoa
7 - Combine all and mix well, scoop into the muffin tray.
8 - Bake 180'c for 15 mins.

Thursday, 20 September 2018

Today we made nachos and also we had a lot of fun making it. It was a good experiences for us and for me because being a chef is one of the jobs that i want to do when I'm finished from school. We used a lot of ingredients and it was meat and cheeses and baked beans with a red and nice sours. I loved it and I also learned something from today. 

Thursday, 30 August 2018

9GTn Makes A Hangi

On Wednesday 9GTn make a hangi and it was a good experience. Also it was boring doing it but I kind of like making it with the class and my friends. We use a lot of ingredients and the most thing that we used was the vegetables. So we were told to to put the one chicken and one piece of pork in each of the tin foil bowels. After preparing the food we had to take it to were the the other boys went to do the hangi. I had to take it with Stanley and we just screamed at each other. But that was because he kept going on about his back being sour and heart. But then we ended up getting to our destination and he finally stop and then we gave and the let it rest for a while. So than we had to wait until the sixth period, and the funny thing was Stanley said to leave early so that we can get our food and the others didn't get there food beaus they didn't come get there food. The whole reason why we did this was because of our science class. The mean energy that I got from this project was heat energy and also chemical energy.

Blueberry Muffin

Today we made Blueberry Muffin and it was yummy. Also it was fun making it because I know now how to make Blueberry Muffin. The person that I had as a partner was my best friend Teremoana and she was funny and she messed up the ingredients. But then we fixed it by adding a little bit more flower. Also at the end of the period we put some whipped cream on top and some chocolate. When we took it out of the oven it was golden brown.

Friday, 6 July 2018

Science the investigation of the Perry the Pear

On Monday 9TGn was put into groups to do the investigation of the Perry situation. So it was based on Perry the Pear and he was sadly murdered by someone that he knew from the past him. So we were told to investigate what had happen, and so we extracted DNA from banana so that we could do some testing with the DNA. We did this so that we could find out who killed Perry the Pear. There was six people that was interviewed and they had a look throw there past life and what they in common with Perry the Pear. Well my group got Billy the banana and we extract DNA from him and we mix his DNA with some salt, dish washing liquid and then we put in water. We let that set and then we got our result and it wasn’t him but then we discovered that it was Bob the blueberry. One thing about Bob the blueberry is that he was always jealous of Perry’s relationship with Sally strawberry. So that was the end of our investigation. My group was Stanly & Henrietta.
Perry the Pear (Rest in peace)💖                        Bob the Blueberry (In jail right now)

Thursday, 21 June 2018

My First Exam Experience

This week we had a exam test and I actually liked some of the exam test that we did. The one that I think was a little bit easy was the maths test and I think that I did well in the english test. But before we started the test I did some studying at home the nights before the test. So when I did that I felt calm and I wasn’t worrying about anything. But then when they said that we have two test that we were going to do I freaked out a little and then I got myself back together and just got on with it. The study tips that I did was pray and eat a lot of food, also the more that I was calm it made the test a bit easy. During the exam I felt a lot of things like being scared of getting a low mark for my test. After school I went home and ate some more food then I did a little of studying. But the most thing that I did was walk around my house and telling myself that I was going to do well in the test. In my next exam, I would try my best and pray that I will pass with a good mark for my report.

Monday, 21 May 2018

Microscope In Science

For science lesson we put our selves into pairs and got given a microscope that we had to connect into the wall piece. Our first step was to grab a slide which is a little rectangular shaped  glass that has a little dip in the middle of the centre. In the centre of the slide we use a pipette that is used to transform a source of liquid into the little dip that is found in the centre of a slide. We then place the slide onto the microscope machine that then can show us the little bacteria found in the liquid source. On the left side is a photograph that represents what we saw through the microscope.


I think that is it was fun doing this with my friends, and I learnt a lot about MRS C GREN. MRS C GREN stands for an acronym often used to help remember all the necessary features of living organisms: Movement, Respiration, Sensitivity, Growth, Reproduction, Excretion and Nutrition. None living things can not do all of the the things that it says in MRS C GREN. The people that help me with this is my two friends Kalo and Henrietta.

Friday, 6 April 2018

An Interesting And Informative Eruption

Hi I'm Meafou and I'm going to tell you my experience about the eruption. So it was the summer time and I was at the beach. Then all of a sadden I herd a lot of noise people screaming and children crying and people running. I then turn my head and saw that there was an eruption happening right there before my eyes. The water was moving and it  blew up a lot of ash burst out into the sky. Then the blue sky turn black and gray, it was filled with darkness and the sun was gone. The waves on the sea were big and it was enormous, it was almost like it was a tsunami. When it was all over I made my way to where everyone was, then I saw a lot of ash and gas around me. It was dark and ugly, also everyone gather in the main hall there were blankets, and some food. I felt sorrow in my heart and there were some kids that lots there family. Also there was shelter was provided for people that had nowhere to go.

Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Made in Taiwan

This article is mainly about two men named Oscar and Nathan who want to trace their origins of their people, to find their identities. Also there adventure that is about to begin started in New Zealand, which is also called Aotearoa. So the two  men named Oscar and Nathan wanting to know where their ancestors come from so they take a swab and send it to Oxford. While waiting for the results they sail on a waka all the way to Mahia through Vanuatu, Samoa and The Cook Islands. Once they arrive in Mahia they receive their results and sit down with Nathan’s parents to reveal their results. I think that him finding out that his family are descendants of the Taiwan.

They travel to the Cook Islands to find out more about their ancestors because a lot of cook Islanders had the same Clan father as him. They see where the Canoes left from the Cook Islands to Aotearoa and discover all the special monument there. They notice all the weeds and stuff making the monument look dirty so they clean it up. They visit a cook Island family’s house and see how similar they are to New Zealand Maori people. The people that are from there are just like the people that are from New Zealand. And they traveled to the Islands of Samoa.

When they’re finished in Cook Island they head off to Samoa to catch up with Oscar’s family. They first go to his cousins that used to look after him and Oscar goes on to show Nathan where they bury some relatives like his dad and others, once his dad passed away, his mum took him to New Zealand for a long time. But when he went to New Zealand, he didn’t really want to go back to Samoa because of what happened to his family.

When he was traveling to all the places where his ancestors where he learned a lot about where he was from and he found out who he really was. He was really happy finding out that his family was a very big family. Also the places that he had visited were sacred and traditional to his ancestors that lived 3000 years ago.

Wednesday, 14 March 2018

First design of engineering

On Tuesday the 6th of March, 9tgn crafted a module of what it would look like if an earthquake hit. First Mrs Wells handed out the equipment that we were going to use. Also we didn't have to use all of it for our  earthquake model. My group thought about what the plan was to create a house that would last throw out a big or small earthquake. We started of with a Triangle shape, and kind of worked but then it just fell over and broke. But then I made my own and it served the earthquake.

Friday, 9 March 2018

Kaikoura Quake

Image result for Kaikoura Quake

New Zealand's largest fault line is more active than scientists previously thought and could generate "mega thrust" earthquakes up to magnitude 9.0, and giant tsunamis. A year after the magnitude-7.8 2016 Kaikoura earthquake, scientists fear that it wasn't "the big one". The Hikurangi fault abduction zone, which spans offshore from the east of Gisborne to around Kaikoura and the top of the South Island, had been thought dormant before the massive Kaikoura tremor, Fairfax reports. I think that all of these earthquakes are very important and that people should be aware of when it is going to happen.