Friday, 6 April 2018

An Interesting And Informative Eruption

Hi I'm Meafou and I'm going to tell you my experience about the eruption. So it was the summer time and I was at the beach. Then all of a sadden I herd a lot of noise people screaming and children crying and people running. I then turn my head and saw that there was an eruption happening right there before my eyes. The water was moving and it  blew up a lot of ash burst out into the sky. Then the blue sky turn black and gray, it was filled with darkness and the sun was gone. The waves on the sea were big and it was enormous, it was almost like it was a tsunami. When it was all over I made my way to where everyone was, then I saw a lot of ash and gas around me. It was dark and ugly, also everyone gather in the main hall there were blankets, and some food. I felt sorrow in my heart and there were some kids that lots there family. Also there was shelter was provided for people that had nowhere to go.

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