Monday, 10 April 2017

Bill English gets some professional pizza help from Nadia Lim

Image result for Bill English making pizza with Nadia Lim

A week after our Prime Minister Bill English had a meeting to go to he had gone home and cooked some pizza. But he had to have some cooking lesson with one of the country's celebrity chefs. The famous chef that he was having a lesson with was chef Nadia Lim. Then he did a very infamous post about what he had done and they did a very good job with making pizza. I think that it mast of been fun cooking with a very good chef. I think that he might need a little bit more help the next time he cooks.

Friday, 7 April 2017

Pewter Technicrft.

Today the year 8 and 7 went to Tamaki college in a bus for Technicrft and I think that we do food tech their. 

I really hope that we will be doing food tech today and that we may make something very cool.So today we did not do what I was hoping for like cooking for tech but we did pewter it was kind of fun but it was not what I was hoping for today.We got a paper from him and we got to see what he and his class had done. He said to as that when we go their again we will have to go with good shows.The pewter was not that heave and it was cool because it was on fire.