Monday, 27 February 2017

New Zealand's best Kapa Haka Group

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The Maori people from all around the world have travelled to Hastings to watch New Zealand's do their best kapa haka performance and compete in the pinnacle event for Maori performers. This event is held every two years for the New Zealand national  Kapa Haka competition. The first Kapa haka competition was on Sunday and it was in Hastings. Their is 47 groups, today that was it the finals, with Auckland's Maori group up first. Known for their use of weaponry in their performances, Te Mātārae i Ōrehu were strong, once again representing the Te Arawa tribe.

Thursday, 23 February 2017

Taniwha Art

So we had to do a taniwha for our art and we did it for our homework. We had to draw it on sumopanit and we used the tools on sumopanit. Then when we finish we have to send it to our teacher. His name is Mr Reid and he sometimes funny. So when I was done with it my art I was very happy with the way it looked. It was the best that I can do because I didn't have time to do the best of all in my room. But it still looked cool to me it was also fun to do. 

Houses For 2017 Ruapotaka School

On Wednesday we has fun because we were going to do our houses. The was existed because I had want to know what team I was in. So I waited tell it was time to go and line up and off we went to the assembly. The assembly was in the front of room one class. I had wait to long so then it was time to tell us all about what was going to happen and the first thing was. Mrs Vickers told us was the rules that we all had to follow because it will get us points if we do follow the so we did. Now was the time to tell us what group we were in and the group that I have been waiting for came to me I was in the red team we were the best team well that's what I think. When we went to the activate we had limbo first then we had go to the next activate was when we had throw the been bag into a box and if we where go at we would then get 5 points. And we got 5 points in a row is was petty good but I think that we would have done better but it was for that one person. So we got 35 for our points it was very good because we where a tie with the blue team. Oh yeah the four teams where Blue,Red,Yellow, and Green. It was the end of the day and then everyone went home.   

Friday, 17 February 2017

Invasive species on the march - study

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New Zealanders are being urged to remain vigilant in guarding the country's borders, with new research showing pests are continuing to spread around the world. I think that it is a good thing that they are doing this so that these animals are safe. It will be very cool to see some of these animals waking around in the Auckland zoo. It will also be a good thing for the posies because now they world not have to go thought peoples bins. Because if they are in the zoos like the Auckland zoo it will then be feed rinsed of eat bad that could kill them. Also if they are getting move to New Zealand people have keep an eye it because they can still do some bad things.

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Golden Bay Stranding: Whales Likely Left To Decompose Where They Are

17 more whales have washed up this morning less than a kilometre away from where 400 stranded themselves on Friday.

The task of dealing with more than 300 dead pilot whales on a New Zealand beach is getting under way. But as long as the whales are safe at the beach they will not die or safer from not being in the water. Also it is good that their are people that live out their and can help the whales stay safe. Their was 320 whales that may have or so explode on the beach where they lie on Farewell Spit. This is very sad because their are whales out their that don't have the support that the other whales are getting. That is because their are not that meany people that are livening near where these things happen.