Thursday, 25 May 2017

Wednesday's Chocolate Truffles


Last week on Wednesday the year 8 students went to Tamaki Collage for a baking class. We made chocolate Truffles and we had fun making it because we were put into groups. My partner was my best friend Vaimonana and she is very good at baking. The first step was to get all of our ingredients and then we waited until we were told to start. When we started we went up to the table and got the things that we needed. The ingredients that we had was condensed milk, mashed up Oreo's, coconut, and melted chocolate. So the first thing that we did was mash the oreo's. Then we put the coconut in and mix with the oreo's. Also as we were mixing it altogether we slowly put in the condensed milk. Then when we finished we made normal size balls. Then we put it into the fridge to cool down and when it was done we took  it back to school.  

Thursday, 18 May 2017

Blueberry Muffins At Tamaki Collage

On Wednesday the year 8 students went to Tamaki Collage for baking class. We got to learn how to make a blueberry muffin. It was fun making it because we got to do it our self's. But we had all of the ingredients with us so that we can star baking. When we got started we went to get our ingredients and then we got started. The ingredients that we had was flour/ milk/ egg/ sugar/ slot/ oil/ yo get. Also we had to the measurements before we put it altogether. To star with we did the dry ingredients which is 2 cups of flour, half a cup of sugar the we mix the flour with the sugar. After that we then got the wet ingredients ready and it had 1 cup of milk, and half a cup of oil. Then we mixed all of it together and we added the yo get, and it made this nice and yummy mixer. After that we put it into the muffin tray, and when it came out of the oven it was nice to eat.

Friday, 12 May 2017

Kate Rodger reviews Alien: Covenant

Their is a new movie that had been released this year. It had been almost 40 years scenes Ridley Scott released an Alien movie. Also people are saying that he is gone at it again. The movie is coming out this week and they hope that it thrills the audiences and the predecessors. The stars of the movie got interview at the red car pit, and their fans answers answered. The editor Kate Rodger spoke to Duncan Garner. I think that the movie will be a good movie for those that like alien movies. I also think that their fans will be very happy that they did a movie like this for them.

Monday, 8 May 2017

Electric car fans gather to break NZ record

Their is a new type car that has been made in New Zealand. Also the people that live in New Zealand might be the first people to drive an electric car. The electric car was made to travel the country and make sure that the petrol  of the car doesn't run out. The New Zealand Trust spokesperson James Cozens say's "that they need more than 100 cars to be at the Ardmore Airport". They also encourage the owners of electric cars to help break the record for the newest cars. This is very good because people need these kind of cars that can go far.

Friday, 5 May 2017

MPI initiating immediate response to myrtle rust

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Their is a new disease that had been speared around on the New Zealand land. Also the Ministry for Primary (MPI) has discorded a new disease called myrtle rust. This is the first time that it has happened in New Zealand. They also say that people should not go and touch it if they see it. The  Minister Nathan Guy is getting people that have bought plants from Kerikeri nurseries to check for myrtle rust. The disease can cause serious damage to the native and plant that is known in New Zealand in the Pohutukawa. The disease can travel on wind and speared relay fast. Also the MPI says that their no method of controlling the disease in the wind.

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Fifth group of NZ troops heading to Iraq

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The New Zealand Defence Force troops are ready to go to Iraq. Their is 106 New Zealanders and Australian's are going to head to Iraq in the late May. Brigadier Mike Shapland the NZDF's commander went to Australia last week to tell the troop. That they have to get ready for a deployment that is going to happen in the late May. Their will be a group called the Taji and they have been trained for more than 21,000. It is called the Taji because they have New Zealand and Australia, and they going as under cover Iraq Security. They are have completed their mission from when they began in may 2015.