Thursday, 25 May 2017

Wednesday's Chocolate Truffles


Last week on Wednesday the year 8 students went to Tamaki Collage for a baking class. We made chocolate Truffles and we had fun making it because we were put into groups. My partner was my best friend Vaimonana and she is very good at baking. The first step was to get all of our ingredients and then we waited until we were told to start. When we started we went up to the table and got the things that we needed. The ingredients that we had was condensed milk, mashed up Oreo's, coconut, and melted chocolate. So the first thing that we did was mash the oreo's. Then we put the coconut in and mix with the oreo's. Also as we were mixing it altogether we slowly put in the condensed milk. Then when we finished we made normal size balls. Then we put it into the fridge to cool down and when it was done we took  it back to school.  

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  1. Wow your chocolate truffles looks yummy meafou.