Wednesday, 28 June 2017

All Blacks Beat Lions In First Test

Last week on Saturday the All Blacks won agents the Lions. Also the All Blacks had the first try.Then the points was 30-15 and it was a relay good game. They both played well and they both had the strength to play as a team. The was in Auckland and it was relay full because their was a lot of people there. Also Auckland after a dominating second half, which included two tries from winger Rieko Ioane. They now have a one-nil lead in the three-Test series. I think that the game was very fun to watch, and it was very good that I watched it with my family.

Monday, 19 June 2017

Theft of Māori paintings stuns descendant

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In the week two of the most important paintings were stolen. So The whereabouts of the two valuable works remain a mystery as police continue to investigate the crime. They say that they are still look for the person that did this and they will be put in prison. The paintings that were stolen was relatives of Chief Hori Ngatai, a distinguished warrior who helped defeat the British at Gate Pa in the 1800. This is very sad because the people that need this is doing something bad and the family.

Opinion: It's time for the Government to pay for our conservation future

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The people of New Zealand are endangering the government to help the wildlife. Their are birds that are going to die because theirs not that meany food for them to eat now. Also in the forest the birds that have we have are about Four out Ten. While it has some worthy actions it isn't supported with the funding DoC. They need to help by protecting all the native birds that are getting extinct.

Dallas Fisher: 'Hamilton's very experienced at running large events'

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Their is this new event happening in Wellington. Also it started from Hamilton then it went all the way down to Wellington. Another thing is that Hamilton is going to be the host for the Rugby Sevens tournament for the next two years. After clinching the event off long-standing host city Wellington. 

What to do when your child is the bully

Related imageTheir are many parents that live in denial and their child would be capable of bullying. Chances are your child will play a role in making another child feel miserable. Most of the time when kids do bullying, it’s because their child is unhappy about something that they don't have but other's do. Sometimes they've got low self-esteem and maybe they just don't have strategies that other kids have. I think that bully's should think of they would feel if someone did it to them. They would not like that at all and they will then feel the pane that other people feel when they do it to others.

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Tapa Making

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In Room 12 we had a topic that was based on Tapa making. Everyone in Room 12 did writing about Tapa, and there were lots of things that I didn't know about Tapa. For example how they make it and how there is patterns on it. My favorite part about making the Tapa is when they put on the patterns that they chose. I did my own tapa making on a google doc and I finished my writing on the second week. I got some help from my classmates that I play with at school. My best friend Vaimoana came to school with a tapa that they had at home. It was really fun and good that I did writing about tapa making because I didn't know that much about it. That day that we started our writing about tapa making it was the most nervous day of my life because of the amount of knowledge that I know about tapas.

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Monster Rat Found in London Playground.

monster rat
This monster rat was found in the London popular  playground where lots of people and their children go. The weigh of this rat was about 11kgs and it is the biggest rat that I've seen in my life. They could find these in the streets of the UK in the city's where the  popular playground. The name of this man is called Gas and he was a engineer.


Thursday, 8 June 2017

Joseph Parker

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Joseph Parker's promoters have hit a snag with their attempts to get taxpayer support to stage a world title boxing fight. The Government says the fund used for such events is itself short of money. Parker and Sir Bob Jones used to throw around a few friendly punches. But now the gloves are off. Sir Bob thinks Parker's upcoming heavyweight world title fight is a farce. Oh crap it 'put us on the map and says Sir Bob. "Let me tell you, this year there's been numerous world heavyweight title fights. Is Chechnya on the map because they conducted one.

On Sunday.

On Sunday at 1:00p.m. me and my family are going to church. We will have people that will be singing to us and then we are going to our class to learn more about when Jesus Christ was on the earth.After our class we will be going back home so that we can have a feed. After the feed we are going to the temple at 8:30p.m. to see the lights and we will go and walk around the temple. Then after the temple lights we are going to my cousins house for a sleep over it is going to be fun.

Thursday, 1 June 2017

🥛🥛National Milk Day🥛🥛

Today it was National Milk Day and we took some photos so that we can post it on our blog. The National Milk Day has been going on from when it was 2001 - 2017. This is celebrated because milk is very important to people because they need it. Also milk is good for your health and it was established by the Food and Agriculture Organization. I think that we are lucky that we get milk from the farms in New Zealand.