Thursday, 14 September 2017

Call to change New Zealand national bird

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A seabird conservation group is calling for a bird that can actually fly to replace the kiwi as the country’s national symbol. Its co-founder Chris Gaskin is throwing his support behind the Buller’s shearwater, also known as the rako, to be the new national trademark. Having a seabird as a national bird is far more representative of who we are and that is what makes us New Zealanders. Many New Zealanders feel a connection to the word kiwi and that would be hard to change. I think that we should still go by the name of a kiwi, also that is what we are known for all around the world.

Monday, 4 September 2017


Today we ran down Tripoli Road and through Hinaki and then up Torino. I had a good ran when we were doing our daily fitness routine. But I also ran with my friends and I ran mostly with Mary. She always encourages me to keep on going and to never stop. So I kept running and then she past me and I then had to run by myself. I did a lot of running and I swaeted a lot, I also kept running even though Mary wasn't there to tell me to keep running. When it was the last round I ran my hardest and I made it before the fittest boys in my classroom and that was Min Zin and Tamote Jnr. In the end I had a lot of fun and I did well on my own.