Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Rainbows End Night Rides

On Saturday night me and my siblings went to Rainbows End. We arrived at 6:00pm, it was still morning when we first arrived there. The theme of our clothes were black and white, I was filled with excitement, and it was my first time going to Rainbows End. Me and my sisters rode ten rides in 5 hours, do you think that is even possible. Well I think so and it was very enjoyable for all of us.  When it was getting late we got ready to go one last ride and it was the stratosfear. I felt butterflies in my tummy and my legs were shaking. So when the man called us to come in and take a seat, I couldn't really feel butterflies in my tummy anymore. Then I was fill with confident and boy was to scary when we went upside down, it was like I was off my seat. So when my sisters went again I took a video of them screaming as if they were going to fall off. The rides that we went on was Corkscrew Coaster, Scorpion Karts, Family Karts, Log Flume, Invader, Power Surge, Bumper Boats, Fearfall, Gold Rush, Motion Master. Those are the ten rides that we went on. 

Thursday, 9 November 2017

Room 12 Manaiakalani 2017 Film

Yesterday we went to Sylvia Park to present our schools film. Our film was based on rugby values, we were very good at presenting our school. Me and Vaimoana were presenters from Ruapotaka school. We had to present our movie in three different sessions. It was very hard to get to the other sessions because we didn't really know where we were suppose to go. So we ran the whole time till Vaimoana found where we had to present. We were 5th to go up and present in the first session, and in the 2nd session we were 5th up. So the last we were 8th one that we presented in was for Tamaki college. It was a busy day for us and me and Vaimoana were very happy when it was time to go back to school. I gave five autographs and eight photographs to people that I knew.

Friday, 3 November 2017

My Trip To Australia During The Holidays

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In the two week holidays I jumped on a plain and went to Australia. At first I was surprised because it was my second time going to Australia. I was filled with excitement and I felt emotional, because that would mean that I wasn't going to spend a lot of time in New Zealand for the holidays. The city that I arrived in was Sydney. My mum called my Aunty to come and pick us up. As soon as I saw my cousin I burst into tears. I haven't seen him in two years, also my family always say that we looked a like so they called us the cousin twins. I have no idea what that meant but I just went with it. So when we drove to my Auntie's house a kangaroo jumped in front of the car. I was surprised but then I got use to it because it happens sometimes. When I walked into the house I felt so hot because it was 45 degrees. We enjoy our meal and then me and my cousin stay up all night so that we can sneak back into the kitchen, and eat the leftover K.F.C. that was covered on the table. We stayed in Australia for two weeks, and then we came back to New Zealand.