Thursday, 9 November 2017

Room 12 Manaiakalani 2017 Film

Yesterday we went to Sylvia Park to present our schools film. Our film was based on rugby values, we were very good at presenting our school. Me and Vaimoana were presenters from Ruapotaka school. We had to present our movie in three different sessions. It was very hard to get to the other sessions because we didn't really know where we were suppose to go. So we ran the whole time till Vaimoana found where we had to present. We were 5th to go up and present in the first session, and in the 2nd session we were 5th up. So the last we were 8th one that we presented in was for Tamaki college. It was a busy day for us and me and Vaimoana were very happy when it was time to go back to school. I gave five autographs and eight photographs to people that I knew.

1 comment:

  1. What a COOL video! I liked how your friend helped show sportsmanship by helping you up off the ground. Maybe we can make a science film this year with your new Year 9 class!