Friday, 6 July 2018

Science the investigation of the Perry the Pear

On Monday 9TGn was put into groups to do the investigation of the Perry situation. So it was based on Perry the Pear and he was sadly murdered by someone that he knew from the past him. So we were told to investigate what had happen, and so we extracted DNA from banana so that we could do some testing with the DNA. We did this so that we could find out who killed Perry the Pear. There was six people that was interviewed and they had a look throw there past life and what they in common with Perry the Pear. Well my group got Billy the banana and we extract DNA from him and we mix his DNA with some salt, dish washing liquid and then we put in water. We let that set and then we got our result and it wasn’t him but then we discovered that it was Bob the blueberry. One thing about Bob the blueberry is that he was always jealous of Perry’s relationship with Sally strawberry. So that was the end of our investigation. My group was Stanly & Henrietta.
Perry the Pear (Rest in peace)💖                        Bob the Blueberry (In jail right now)

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