Wednesday, 14 March 2018

First design of engineering

On Tuesday the 6th of March, 9tgn crafted a module of what it would look like if an earthquake hit. First Mrs Wells handed out the equipment that we were going to use. Also we didn't have to use all of it for our  earthquake model. My group thought about what the plan was to create a house that would last throw out a big or small earthquake. We started of with a Triangle shape, and kind of worked but then it just fell over and broke. But then I made my own and it served the earthquake.

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  1. You worked well during this practical and changed your design to reinforce the top and make it much stronger to survive throughout the earthquake :) It survived! I also appreciate how much pride you took in presenting this investigation visually in the picture above. Do you remember the difference between the movements of the p-wave and the s-wave your structure survived?