Friday, 28 July 2017

🎶School Assembly For Pasifika Study🎶

Today we had a school assembly and we had to sing a song that we have been learning from term 2. We sang How far i'll go and that song was from the movie Moana. I think that we performed well, also the boys were on point with there singing. I also think that we have achieved our goal of singing it right without the words. This school assembly was for our inquiry learning topic. Room 1, 5, 6, 7 , 9,and 10 put a lot of effect into there performance. Also room 1 did a sa sa and they were a bit shy to do their performance. Then after them Room 5 sang le aute le aute. Also Room 6 performed a cat walk and they had nice looking clothing. Second of all Room 7 did well with there dancing and they were a bit to confidence. Lastly it was Room 9 and they were singing little biddy on a tree, they were also very good. But then Room 10 sang a very coming song and that song was E Otua. E Otua is a Tongan song and I like listing to it sometimes but not all the time. I also think that today every body did there best and that they have a lot of courage.

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